What is a Jib Crane – How it Works?

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2 December 2018
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What is Jib Crane? How Jib Cranes Work

Jib cranes are cranes that can be mounted in a fixed place and can operate on their own feet. These cranes, which can be designed and manufactured in the form of a jib, which can rotate around their axis with certain angles, are heavy-duty machines.

Although the work areas of the jib cranes vary, most of these cranes are used in construction sites. These cranes, which can be used in indoor and outdoor areas, can be produced according to the required usage area and physical properties of this area.

What are the types of jib cranes?

Jib cranes are cranes that are stationary at a fixed point and are used for lifting and transporting specified loads. Some of these cranes are produced for operation according to physical location suitability of the enterprise, load status to be lifted, boom distance. However, standard models with fixed features are also highly preferred.

The jib cranes differ according to the areas where they are mounted. For example, models mounted on the floor, mounted on their own feet or mounted on the console are also available.

The most important feature of the jib cranes is that the rotation angle can be adjusted. 180 degrees or even 360 degrees on demand.

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