What is Manipulator?

What is a Jib Crane – How it Works?
2 December 2018

They are mechanical systems that are operated with compressed air (pneumatic) consisting of mechanical arms, which are used to carry any load from one point to another. Manipulators provide us with the most ergonomic transportation thanks to their systematic features. The use of manipulators in production lines is very important in terms of work and worker health. Through the manipulators, the occupational diseases related to the load are prevented. Increases productivity in operators and production lines and provides benefits to businesses.

The basic logic in the manipulators is to eliminate the weight of the product and to ensure that the required operation is completed by the operator without wasting power. Pneumatic manipulators eliminate weight and allow products to circulate in the air.
Another advantage of the manipulators is that the equipment such as the crane and the hoist are capable of picking up the product from a covered area. Nowadays, manipulators, robot arm, jib crane, transportation system can be named with names such as.

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